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  • Although the total number of raags in Hindustani classical music was as big as 300, several of them have been lost over the centuries. About 100 raags are known and performed these days. The following list contains most of them.
  • Complete formats, bandishes and popular songs have been provided for many raags. Names of such raags are underscored. Simply click on the name of a raag to see its complete details. Audio clips are also provided to illustrate several details. We’ll keep adding details for more raags with time.
  • While classification of most raags in thaats is universally accepted, opinions vary among the experts for some raags. The same is true about performance times of some raags.
  • The list is sorted alphabetically by raag name. You can sort the list by thaat or performance time by clicking on the column headers.
    Raaga Thaat Performance Time
    Vrindavani Sarang Kafi
    Gara Khamaj
    Bhimpalasi Kafi Afternoon
    Poorvi Poorvi Afternoon
    Madhyamad Sarang Kafi Afternoon
    Madhuvanti Todi Afternoon
    Patdeep Afternoon
    Shri Poorvi Afternoon
    Shuddh Sarang Kalyan Afternoon
    Gaud Saarang Kalyan Afternoon
    Multani Todi Afternoon
    Marwa Marwa Afternoon
    Mand Bilawal Any Time
    Kafi Kafi Any Time
    Bhairavi Bhairavi Any Time
    Dhani Kafi Any Time
    Piloo Kafi Any Time
    Bhoopali Kalyan Evening
    Desh Khamaj Evening
    Kamod Kalyan Evening
    Yaman Kalyan Kalyan Evening
    Hansdhwani Bilawal Evening
    Khamaj Khamaj Evening
    Shankara Bilawal Evening
    Yaman Kalyan Evening
    Tilang Khamaj Evening
    Shuddh Kalyan Kalyan Evening
    Maru Bihag Kalyan Evening
    Sham Kalyan Kalyan Evening
    Puriya Dhanashri Poorvi Evening
    Pahadi Bilawal Evening
    Puriya Marwa Evening
    Miyan Malhar Kafi Monsoon
    Gaud Malhar Kafi Monsoon
    Desi Asavari Morning
    Gurjari Todi Todi Morning
    Gunakri Bhairav Morning
    Ahir Bhairav Bhairav Morning
    Asavari Morning
    Bhatiyar Bhairav Morning
    Bhairav Bhairav Morning
    Basant Mukhari Morning
    Deshkar Bilawal Morning
    Bhankar Bhairav Morning
    Bhoopal Todi Bhairavi Morning
    Bilawal Bilawal Morning
    Bilaskhani Todi Bhairavi Morning
    Bairagi Bhairav Bhairav Morning
    Kalingada Bhairav Morning
    Hindol Kalyan Morning
    Vibhas Bhairav Morning
    Todi Todi Morning
    Jaunpuri Asavari Morning
    Jogiya Bhairav Morning
    Lalit Poorvi Morning
    Nat Bhairav Bhairav Morning
    Sohni Marwa Morning
    Bhinna Shadja Khamaj Night
    Malkauns Pancham Bhairavi Night
    Nand Kalyan Night
    Rageshri Khamaj Night
    Shivranjani Kafi Night
    Malkauns Bhairavi Night
    Tilak Kamod Khamaj Night
    Bahar Kafi Night
    Bageshri Kafi Night
    Basant Poorvi Night
    Chhayanat Kalyan Night
    Gorakh Kalyan Khamaj Night
    Jaijaiwanti Khamaj Night
    Adana Asavari Night
    Durga Bilawal Night
    Kalavati Khamaj Night
    Bihag Kalyan Night
    Darbari Asavari Night
    Malhar Kafi Night
    Kirwani Night
    Chandrakauns Night
    Chandani Kedar Kalyan Night
    Hamir Kalyan Night
    Malgunji Kafi Night
    Jhinjhoti Khamaj Night
    Kedar Kalyan Night

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