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Article: Compositions of Haresh Bakshi

By Haresh Bakshi
  Haresh Bakshi is an outstanding composer. He has composed a few "new" raga-s, bandishes, bhajans and songs, in Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi and Gujarati. Here is a part of the list of his work:

  • Raga-s: Harikaus, Neeleshwari etc.
  • Bandishes in various raga-s
  • ShrimadbhagwadGita -- all 700 verses. Singers: Kavita Krishnamurti, Haresh Bakshi. Commentary by Harish Bhimani.
  • Kathopanishat, Kenopanishat etc. by IBH (not available currently)
  • Kabir bhajans by POLYDOR records [India] (not available currently); Singers: Ashok Chopra, Teerath, Sandhya Rao, etc.
  • Bhajans by Abhilash (not available currently)
  • Gujarati songs by various poets. Singer: Bansari Bhatt
  • Please watch for his debut in the genre of World Music.



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