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Article: Harmonium Lesson 8: More songs

By Haresh Bakshi
  As mentioned in earlier lessons, we have assumed the first white key to be the Sa (S), for convenience and convention, simplicity and uniformity.

Given below are the notations of the FIRST LINES of two recent movie songs, and the famous dhun "raghupati raghava raja rama".

1. Movie: Kabhi Khushi Kavhi Gham Music: Jatin-Lalit Lyrics: Sameer Singer: Lata mangeshkar naa ju daa hon ge hum S R 'n R R R ka bhi khu shi ka bhi gham R g m R g R S
2. Movie: Koi Mere Dil Se Poochhe Music: Rajesh Roshan Lyrics: Vinay Shukl Singer: Udit narayan Ko i me re dil se poo chhe P P P DPm mPD P m m G R R R R RPG GR G RS S (Same words)
3. Dhun "raghupati raghav raja rama" ra ghu pa ti raa gha va raa jaa raa m S S S S S 'n 'D 'n R R m G m pa ti ta paa va na see taa raa m R g R S 'n 'D 'n R S ....
[More songs in Lesson 9]


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