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Article: Love Music, Learn Music 1

By Haresh Bakshi
  In this series of tips on music appreciation and learning, we propose to help you help yourself enjoy music: whether you are a listener or a student, or both. First of all, and most of all, music exists for enjoyment, relaxation and, sometimes, contemplation.

Our motto of this series will be:
Let there be more music in your life
Let there be more life in your music.

The first tip: Find time daily to listen to music. Let us talk about the ideal surroundings: you, with or without family and friends to share the joy of listening; soft music, low lights; a disposition free from stress or emotions; an untroubled state of mind, free from disturbances; at peace with yourself and with the world.

Suggestions: Daily set aside most suitable, quality time fifteen minutes, maybe, half an hour, perhaps more. Assign more time during weekends and holidays. No visitors, no telephone calls, no TV, no talking during these listening sessions. Allow yourself to be totally immersed in music. Forget yourself, only to re-discover yourself.




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