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Article: Announcing ICMACMS

By Haresh Bakshi
  ICMACMS - Indian Classical Music Amateur Chamber Musicians and Singers

Indian Classical Music (ICM), at its very best, has always been performed in small spaces. Such a space has been a part in a temple, or in a royal court, or a music lover's cosy room, or the living room, or, even a basement. Of late, such an enclosed space could be an automobile, or, a restaurant.

Though ICM has taken to the stage and catered to audiences numbering thousands, the performer on the stage is still kind of alone, withdrawn, and meditative. His intricately woven patterns in pure raga are, even now, "flights of the alone to the Alone". The appreciative audience merges with and melts into the divine bliss of the ocean of those patterns -- and essentially transcends itself into one unit. Gone is the stage, gone is the big auditorium, gone are the thousands of listeners -- there is just one performer, the vehicle of divine inspiration, and just one Rasika. Thus, a public performance of ICM basically remains 'chamber music'.

So, we have two well-defined categories: the performers and the listeners. The performer is seated on a pulpit, rather separated from the listeners. But we have an important class deeply involved in ICM, its practice as well as performance. This class is not clearly defined. it exists everywhere, but is found nowhere. The members of this class are a huge number of groups, but each group is small, and the groups are spread all over the world. The group members are friends, amateur musicians and singers, and even avid rasika-s, the music lovers, Such groups meet, perform and enjoy music, in living rooms, in basements, in temples, in small auditoriums.

A CHAMBER is: - a natural or artificial enclosed space.
- a room used for a designated purpose.
- a body of people organized into a group for a specific purpose.

Taking a cue from the above, we formally announce the commencement of :

ICMACMS Indian Classical Music Amateur Chamber Musicians and Singers. proposes to act as a vehicle for such groups -- so that they can report and share news, views, activities, experiences, and suggestions. We also intend to act as the source directory for all such groups existing all over the world.

ICMACMS is an informal body. It is an attempt to coordinate so much selfless activity by so many dedicated ICM groups of amateur musicians and singers. The sole objective of ICMACMS is to promote ICM, as is, where is. ICMACMS has no legal or administrative implications.

2003/08/30 ------ more details follow; your input welcome -----



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