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Article: Learn to play the Harmonium with Daniel Tucker

By Haresh Bakshi

This review refers to Level 1 of a step-by-step guide to playing kirtan on the harmonium. It is an 83-page instruction book with two DVDs and a companion CD. The DVDs contain ten half-hour lesson videos.This educational and inspirational kit, produced in 2010, is tastefully illustrated.The book presents the material in a teacher-student dialog which is carefully graded.

"Bhakti Marg" (the path of devotion) is the shortest cut to full God realization.

This path includes kirtan singing, chanting etc. This tradition has been followed for several hundred years. The traditional accompaniment instrument in India has been harmonium. Thus, learning to play harmonium well enough to accompany singing is essential. Hence the importance of publications like KirtanCentral's "Learn To Play Harmonium" series.

This first book in the series consists of eleven chapters. It initiates the reader into basics of the harmonium as an instrument. It tells us about the SARGAM, ten thaaTs, chords and some instructions on warming up your voice. It illustrates playing four kirtans. The accompanying DVDs are well presented.

This work by Daniel Tucker is very helpful for beginners in playing kirtan on harmonium. For more information, visit



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