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By Haresh Bakshi Portal of Digital Indian Music -- Beat of India

iMusti began with an invitation from a group of music aficionados to make available quality music to anyone music lover. We’ve all watched as Indian music took the world by storm in the last decade, with bhangra, Indipop, Bollywood songs and remixes being played in houses and clubs around the globe; Indian bhajans and mantras are listened to whether the language is familiar or not. Music truly does transcend all barriers, and so, in their attempt to break down the smaller but no less important barriers of accessibility and usability, iMusti has created allows music lovers to access one of the largest collections of music online -- people of all ages, and in all countries. will soon be accessible on cell phones that are GPRS-enabled.

According to surveys conducted by iMusti, most musical devices and sites are tedious to manage, whether it means uploading music, programming them to play as you want, or just managing the music that is already on them. So iMusti went ahead and set up a team of developers to work out features and programming tools that make the site very easy to use. persuaded big names -- some of the biggest recording labels -- in music to allow iMusti to store and play their music.

With frequent updates, the site has come together quickly, and is now among the leading sites of this kind.

The collection that iMusti offers comprises more than 12 genres, from classical to ghazal to regional music to yoga to Religious Discourses.

The visitor to iMusti is given ample opportunity to listen all genres of music. For a member, of course, even a bigger, veritable treasure of Indian music becomes available.

Visit to enjoy all the quality as well as quantity of music in various genres of Indian music.





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