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Article: Review: FlexiMusic Generator

By Haresh Bakshi

Under Review: FlexiMusic Generator
Created by: FlexiMusic

FlexiMusic Generator, created by FlexiMusic, creates new sounds -- musical and non-musical. And you do not have to use any conventional musical instruments to do that.

As a generating source, the software uses instruments, a sound Source or sound Modifiers/Effects. In a single generator file an unlimited number of Instruments can be generated. Sound Source has six types of generators: Sine Sound Source, Graph Sound Source, Wave Sound Source, String Sound Source, Mouth Sound Source and Noise Sound Source.

Multiple "Sound sources" can be merged together to create a combined, rich musical Instrument. To create random shapes to get different sounds, it features Frequency / Volume graphs. The effects produced include Volume and Pan, Equalizer, Echo, Wave on Wave, Reverse etc. You can vary the frequency/pitch and duration.

You have the option of encrypting the sound generating source file with password. The output can be saved as WAV files.

FlexiMusic Generator has a very large number of easy-to-use features for its small size. One has to use FlexiMusic Generator to experience its clean and easy-to-use interface and several built-in features.

Haresh Bakshi



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