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Article: Review: FlexiMusic

By Haresh Bakshi

Recently we came across some very interesting and useful software for music. There are five packages created by We introduce those here. FlexiMusic develops music and audio-related software. We will review one software at a time.

Products: FlexiMusic Wave Editor; FlexiMusic Composer; FlexiMusic Kids Composer;
FlexiMusic Generator; FlexiMusic Orchestra.
Company: Coimbatore, India - 641006.
Web site:

FlexiMusic Wave Editor is a Windows-based audio editor for professionals and beginners alike. It is designed to edit, convert or manipulate Audio/MP3 files. It can work with big multiple files. The supported file formats include .wav, .MP3, .wma, .au, .raw, .snd etc, and their inter-conversion. The editing features include Cut, Copy, Delete, Delete Silence, Paste, Paste Mix, Undo etc. Its effects capabilities cover Equalizer, Band Pass/Stop Filter, Noise Reduction, Echo, Reverb, Modulate, Stretch/Shrink, Change and Speed. Other important features include batch processing, keyboard shortcuts and insertion of noise or silence.

This software is useful for all kinds of music. In particular, referring to the genres in Indian music (Hindustani, karnatic, regional, movie, folk etc.), FlexiMusic Wave Editor can be very useful for dance programs, gymnastics, music therapy, guided mediation, audio for CD editing, Java applications, web pages, games, radio/TV, or just for fun.

Haresh Bakshi Nov. 8, 2006.



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