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Article: Raaga Charukeshi

By Shubhada Moghe
  Although a Carnatic raga, it is a common belief that raga Charukeshi is a new entrant to Hindustani Classical Music. It exists in the Hindustani style as Raga “Chandramauli”, but was probably popularised by the Carnatic style & therefore has become popular as “Charukeshi”

It is a sampurna raga with Re, Ga as sharp (teevra) notes & Ma, Dha, Ni as Flat (komal) notes- Due to the chalan of the raga, there are nuances of the Bhairav Ang, so many artists perform this raga in the morning.

But traditionally, Charukeshi or Chandramauli has the Kaushik Ang which is dominant thus:
Re Ga Ma Pa, Ga Ma Dha Ni Sa. Sa Ni Dha Ma, Ma Ga Pa, Ma Pa Ga Ma Re Sa

This raga has Ma & Ni as its Vadi & Samvadi swaras. Raga Chandramauli or Charukeshi as it is known today is a late night melody.




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