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Article: Raga Hindol

By Shubhada Moghe

Raga Hindol is an extremely melodious morning raga. Music therapists swear by it for its healing powers. Though it is an accepted theory that a raga must have five notes, traditionally there exist ragas of three swaras (raga Malashri) and four swaras (raga Bhavani). But these have not seen the light of the day. One such exception is raga Hindol – a raga of four swaras:

Ascent:    Sa  Ga  Ma  Dha  Sa
Descent:   Sa  Dha  Ma  Ga  Sa

The Ga, Ma, Dha, are teevra (sharp) swaras & the vadi & samvadi swaras are Dha & Ga respectively.

Raga Hindol was one of the favorite ragas of Pt. Bhaskarbua Bakhle. Infact, that was the last raga he sang. He had been suffering from pleurisy. On the morning of April 8, 1922, when his disciples were with him, he got up & said “I want to sing today” & sang raga Hindol “E ma Piya”… That evening he was no more.




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