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Article: Ragalakshan

By Shubhada Moghe

Ragalakshan is a composition based in a particular raga which best describes the raga. Through its poetic content, it gives you the whole picture & nature of the raga. It tells you about:

  • The ascent (aaroha) & the descent (avaroha)
  • The sonant (vadi) & consonant (samvadi) swaras
  • The type or kind of raga - audav, shadav or sampurna
  • The time (prahar) of the raga
  • As Ragalakshan describes the raga, its unique feature is that the name of the raga figures in its poetic content.

    Ragalakshan compositions can be set to any tala - most common being Teental, Ektal, Jhaptal & Rupak - and are sung like any other compositions in madhya laya or drut laya.

    Ragalakshan is also sometimes called Lakshangeet.




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