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Article: Announcement: Smt. Alkaji's Atlanta concert

By Narayan Sardesai
  Dr. Alaka Deo Marulkar is the daughter and disciple of the veteran vocalist Pt. Rajabhau Deo who is known as an outstanding vocalist of Gwalior, Kirana, and Jaipur gharanas; his great gurus were Pt. Rajabhaiya Punchwale, Ustad Rajab Ali Khan, Pt. Jagannath Bua Pandharpurkar, and Prof. B.R. Deodhar. Dr. Alaka Deo also had a very systematic training from Pt. M.S. Kanetkar, another veteran of Jaipur Gharana. Her unique style is a fine blend of the traditional approach towards purity of these gharanas and the rich aesthetic experiments, which constitute her Gayaki. It can be said that her Khyal singing has the solidity of the Gwalior gharana, the romanticism of the Kirana gharana, and the intellectualism of the Jaipur gharana. Her purely ‘Purab’ (Benares) style of thumri, dadra, chaiti, hori, and kajri make her a very remarkable singer of semi-classical music, in addition to her outstanding purely classical performance. Her very wide range, and sonorous voice make her a versatile artist, allowing her to express with great ease the different vocal idioms of Khyal, thumri, ghazal, and bhajan.

As a performer, Dr. Marulkar has given concerts is almost all of the major cities of India and has performed in almost all of the national level music conferences, including Pt. Bhaskar Bua Bakhale Samaroh - Chandigarh, Swami Haridas Sangit Sammelan - Mathura - Vrindawan, Tarun Kalakar Parishad - New Delhi, Tansen Sangit Samaroh - Gwalior, International Music Festival - Jaipur, Sawai Gandharva Samaroh - Pune, Pandit Paluskar Samaroh - Indore and New Delhi, Shankarlal Festival - New Delhi, Deenanath Mangeshkar Conference - Goa, and International Trade Organization - New Delhi. It should be noted that she is rated as an ‘A’ class vocalist with All India Radio and Television.

Her creative genius can be recognized in the ragas and bandishes she has composed, as well as by the fact that she has been a music composer of tunes for bhajans of St. Meera through her exclusive program “Premanjali,” composer of the lyrics of the great Marathi poet, the late B.R. Tambe, collected in her composite program “Madhu Ghat”, composer of the everlasting Nirguni bhajans of Saint Kabir in Kabira. Music-critics, musicologists, and artists have acknowledged

Dr. Marulkar as an outstanding lecture-demonstrator, and writer on the topic of Indian classical music. She has recorded a number of cassettes and has recently released a CD entitled “Krishnamayi”.



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