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Article: Love Music, Learn Music 2

By Haresh Bakshi

[Please revise the previous article: Love Music, Learn Music 1]

In this series of tips on music appreciation and learning, we propose to help you help yourself enjoy music. As Claude Debussy (1862-1918) said: "There is no theory. You have only to listen. Pleasure is the law." You will experience that listening to music soothes your nerves, gladdens your heart, cheers up your mind, and nourishes your soul.

So you have achieved the minimum requirement: you have set aside some exclusive time for listening sessions, By yourself, or with your family and friends.

The next question is: What kind of music should you listen to? In today's world of music there are hundreds of genres of music. So many artists, so many geographical regions, countries, instruments. And millions of CDs.

If you take up only Indian music, we still have so many types: They include:

(i) dhrupad [and hori-dhamar] (ii) khayal (iii) tarana (iv) chatarang (v) thumri (vi) bhajan (vii) ghazal (viii) tappa (ix) tirvat (x) dadra (xi) qawwali (xii) sadra (xiii) khamsa (xiv) lavni (xv) kajri (xvi) kirtan (xvii) chaiti (xviii) sugam sangeet (xix) folk music, etc. etc. Finally, how can we forget the most popular class of Indian Film (movie) music?

All this sounds quite complex; but the answer to the question "What kind of music should you listen to?" is very simple: Listen to what you have already come to like. If you like more than one genre, listen to all that you like. Your present choice is the best starting point. The first rule: Reinforce your current taste.

Of course, there are many other genres for which will develop liking if you listen to a wider variety of music. This second rule will be the topic for the next article: Widen your horizon.




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