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Article: 2-, 3-, and 4-note Scales and Raga-s

By Haresh Bakshi
  According to some scale lists: (1) The following scales have two notes each:
(i)   Honchoshi: Sa Ma Sa'
(ii)  Niagari: Sa, Pa, Sa'
(iii) Warao ditonic: Sa. Ni komal, Sa'
(2) The following scales have three notes each:
(i)   Peruvian tritonic 2: Sa, Ga komal, Dha, Sa'
(ii)  Ute tritonic: Sa, Ga komal, Ni komal, Sa'
(iii) Raga Malasri: Sa, Ga, Pa, Sa'
(iv)  4-semitone: Sa, Ga, Dha komal, Sa'
(v)   Raga Sarvasri: Sa, Ma, Pa, Sa'
(vi)  Sansagari: Sa, Ma, Ni komal, Sa'
(vii) Raga Ongkari: Sa, Ma teevra, Pa, Sa'
(3) The following scales/raga-s have four notes each:
(i)   Raga Lavangi: Sa, Re komal, Pa, Ni komal, Sa'
(ii)  Messiaen's truncated mode 5:  Sa, Re komal, Ma teevra, Pa, Sa'
(iii) Warao tetratonic: Sa, Re, Ga komal, Ni komal, Sa'
(iv)  Eskimo tetratonic: Sa, Re, Ga, Pa, Sa'
(v)   Genus primum: Sa, Re, Ma, Pa, Sa'
(vi)  Raga Bhavani: Sa, Re, Ma, Dha, Sa'
(vii) Messiaen's truncated mode 6: Sa, Re, Ma teevra, Dha komal, Sa'
(viii)Raga Sumukam: Sa, Re, Ma teevra, Ni, Sa'
(ix)  3-semitone: Sa, Ga komal, Ma teevra, Dha, Sa'
(x)   Bi Yu: Sa, Ga komal, Pa, Ni komal, Sa'
(xi)  Messiaen's truncated mode 6 inv.: Sa, Ga, Ma teevra, Ni komal, Sa'
(xii) Raga Mahathi; Sa, Ga, Pa, Ni komal, Sa'
(xiii)Messiaen's truncated mode 5 inv.: Sa, Ma, Ma teevra, Ni, Sa'
(xiv) Raga Malashri Sa, Ga, Pa, Ni
These scales/modes/raga-s have been reported in relation to the C major scale. Any microtones present, have not been taken into account. I have not verified these entries. Chief sources: "SCALA", "Scaleopia" 2003/09/01


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