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Article: Announcing the new raga Nileshwari

By Haresh Bakshi
  As far as can be made out, no raga with these notes has been reported until now (I stand corrected, if it is otherwise):
aroha:   C Eb F G Bb C'
avaroha: C' Bb G F, Eb-F-F#-F, Eb C
"neela" means blue in Sanskrit; "Ishwari" means Goddess (of Music in the present context) -- hence the compound word "Nileshwari". It has been inspired by the blues scale.
"n e e l e s h w a r e e", strictly.

This raga should be very suitable for jamming, too.

It strongly resembles the raga Dhani :

aroha:   C Eb F G Bb C'
avaroha: C' Bb G F Eb C
But a Lalit-like phrase Eb-F-F#-F has become indelibly interwoven to become its inseparable component.

It will soon develop enough to express itself in its very own mood, color, texture, hue, shades and nuances.

Haresh Bakshi



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