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You have arrived at the premier destination on the Net for Indian Classical Music. You will find reference material, songs, tips and how-to's -- and you can even take live online music lessons! Find out more about raagas, taalas, etc. using our extensive library of original online reference material about Indian Classical Music. Listen to actual audio clips demonstrating the aaroha and avaroha of the raagas listed in this site.

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Haresh Bakshi's new book, "101 Raga-s For The 21st Century And Beyond: A Music Lover's Guide to Hindustani Music" is on sale now!

Easy and interesting reading to gain insight on 161 terms like raga, thumri, tarana. Get information about 101 popular raga-s.

Author: Haresh Bakshi
Pages: 116

The Gita The Song Auspicious and Divine -- for all of us.


Translation & Compilation by Haresh Bakshi With English translation, text in Roman transliteration and Devanagari scripts.

Includes a list of all the names used in the Gita, explanation of technical terms used in the Gita and other useful information.


Soon to be available:
The audio 2-CD set containing all 701 verses of


sung by Haresh Bakshi and Dr. Suparna Mukhopadhyay

Also get the Voice Lessons CD!

Available exclusively online, the CD comprises three lesson tracks. The third track requires the highest skill level. Thus, the three tracks cover the requirements of the entire range of skill levels -- the average to the the advanced.

Live online Hindustani classical music lessons are now available!
Teacher: Haresh Bakshi
Mode: One-on-one lesson using student's telephone or online voice connection
You can pay for the online music lessons in the Products section. Click on the Feedback link above to email us for more details or to setup your lesson!

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