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About Voice Lessons CD

The Voice Lessons CD has been recorded in the key of C. For the most part, it covers the range of only one octave, making it useful for voices in all ranges - male and female. The third track, designed for the most determined, adds two more notes in both the lower and the higher octaves. Again, practically everyone has a potential for this range. Thus, the three tracks cover the requirements of the entire range of skill levels -- the average to the advanced.

Three tracks comprise this CD, the third track demanding the maximum talent and training. Each track is made up of a series of musical phrases. Each phrase is sung twice: Once in sargam (Indian solfeggio), and repeated a second time in aalap. You listen to the phrase in sargam. And you sing along with the aalap of the same phrase that follows. Sing in your natural, firm voice. Let your voice express joy and cheer. Practice daily by singing along as many phrases of the lessons as you can. You will keep on improving as you continue to practice.

The tanpura (drone) plays constantly and clearly during the rendition of all the phrases; so you do not need any other accompaniment.

Sing and record all three levels in your own voice. Send your recording to us for a review! Note: The recorded media you send will be non-returnable.


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